I’m Parsa

I born on 02/02/1994 in Tehran. I have a bachelor’s degree in software and I am working in Safir Company as a webmaster and WebDeveloper. I started designing a website after working in the field of Cisco and Mikrotik networks, and I have been working in the field of web for almost 6 years, and besides these two, I also entered the topic of security. Due to the intense interest in all matters related to the website, after security, I went to (SEO, Data Mining, Digital Marketing(Email Marketing, Social Networks, etc.)).


I am very interested in growth and development in any field that I am interested in

Music, sports, technology, business and cooking are some of my current hobbies, and I spend almost all of my hours training in these fields or practicing to grow and develop in these fields.

NAME: Parsa Aghayi
CITY: Tehran
BIRTHDAY: 02. 02. 1994
INTEREST: Sport, Music
PHONE: (+98) 9364100228

Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Linux Server Configuration
WordPress Development


Design And Development


I prefer to work in a dynamic environment. If not every day but every month I do a series of new things.

Every person’s work environment is almost that person’s first home. So he should enjoy being in that environment, not just working to make money. I think someone succeeds in making money from having fun, not from working and getting tired.

So let me tell you about my interests:
I’m a social person, so I like to be friends with my co-workers instead of just being co-workers.
A busy and chaotic work environment makes me nervous.
I like that everything goes according to the rules when the rules are set from scientific roots and not just personal interests.
And that everyone’s work is different but the goal of all is the development of the collection. Of course, this is what most managers say, but it is just a slogan!

It does not matter what I did before; The important thing is from what period I started to become parsa aghayi! This means someone who has something to offer.

  • Start
    It was in 2013 that I started enrolling and learning classes
  • Basic Level
    It was in 2015 that I took Pars-Yadak as my first project and started using my knowledge to earn money.
  • Master Level
    I always thought to myself that I could not program until I did the Safir Company projects one by one. In addition to gaining knowledge and income, I also gained experience.



It is better to write humor than jokes instead of facts! Joke is something that does not exist at all and is only for laughter, but humor means to make a fact to be laughed at.

Cans of Energy drink
TB Learning Videos
Lines of Code
hours of insomnia

First of all, I like to describe the difference between experience and science

You have been reading what a scientist thinks about something. But when you experience it, it means that your definition of that thing changes and it is translated into your own language and for yourself.

2013 May – 2013 September

This company was founded by myself and 4 friends who each specialized in a field.

Things we did in this company:

– website can be introduced as the strongest part of the work, this site was a link shortening site that was profitable through advertising.

– Email marketing and advertising was the most expensive job for us because at every step of the way we had tu circumvent Google rules in anyway.

– The first in-text advertising system in iran

– Setting up an supporting network systems and CCTV camera

2014 May – 2015 June

At this company, i became acquainted with CRM and learned how to talk to the customers (especially customers who are angry and harsh).

Answering the phone without any stress and pause.

Customer guidance even in cases where i did not have much information!

From 2017 May to now

Launching the website from start to finish. website management in all fields, including content, SEO, marketing, website and user support, establishing cooperation with companies related to the field of our work, etc., Which led to surpassing competitors within 1 year.



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