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parsa aghayi

parsa aghayi

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Well, the story began in the first semester of a software university; A man whose name remains came forward and told me that I want to start a company and I am looking for an active and interested force and I do not need to have expertise. I, who was just on the way, told him, “How happy and stubbornly I accepted and we became a company called Liu (he chose the name of the servant of God and said that it means milk!) Consisting of four or five young people, each of whom They had a field, a specialty, an interest, or a major.

We all worked in this company. From buying systems and assemblies to networks and PBXs and CCTV cameras and so on … The first project we started was:

Hussein had a good database of e-mails, so he said, “Sir, let’s use this for e-mail advertisements (it was very popular at that time), and I had chosen the e-mail side of the importer for ourselves to fill my mouth.” He could import ten emails in his own group, and each person could only make three emails, and so we said we wanted to go so far that we could not get anywhere, so we went and bought chips and yogurt and started the meeting and some way to get around We got to Google and from that day we started importing a thousand emails per day. We reached twenty thousand and started sending our first email advertisement and then we received an order that each advertisement will earn us about two hundred thousand tomans.

One of our customers was the same discount site that no one knew at the time and was very stubborn and serious in competing with Netbarg.

Our next project was that for the first time in the world, but not in Iran, we introduced an in-text advertising system that worked in such a way that when the mouse hovered over the word detergent, a box would open and you would have, for example, a washing machine powder. Was promoting.

The next project was a link shortening website, which was a stock exchange at that time, and when you wanted to download a song, you would first go to a page full of ads, and then the ad would be activated for a few seconds, and then your music would start. Could be downloaded.

We rented the banners of this site and made a lot of money. The same gentleman of discounts came and rented the big banner on the top of this site for a week and then for a month, and we said it was over and we scored and …

The next project was to launch a blog, where we soon came across beautiful filtering stories and were struggling to solve this problem. One day, we came forward to the company and saw that it was locked and chained and that the phone was the servant of God. The first of our story is also silent! Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after, the day after tomorrow … there was no news that did not happen and that servant of God wrapped up the game with money and projects and we stayed and the pool was more beautiful than our pockets.

A whole lot of bad things happened to me because of this twist and I was severely traumatized and I was not hurt at all! A situation.

I bought a couple of restaurant networks to go and see what it looks like. I forgot until the last day, the last day I called the restaurant I said I was coming and he said Mr. crowded, the last day where you want to come, it is not possible and such things. I said okay. I called quickly (nervous and furious) and told Netbarg support that she had become like this and said, “Don’t worry, the money will be returned to your account.” I was relieved too and said ok bye 🙂 An hour later I saw no news. I called and said, “What happened, madam, so no money came into my account!” He said did you check your account ?! I said I have an SMS bank, I did not receive anything; He said no, it has been returned to Netbarg’s account. I kept that money until the next year, when I was lying on the bed like I was lying on the Internet, I forgot that oh, I really have money in my account! I quickly hit the netbook and saw that John’s network + period has left only forty thousand tomans. Exactly the amount of money I had in my account! I bought a war and went to class and then I fell into computer stories. Let it be what I got out of the web from web design. Let me just say that I was just addicted, I just went to register for classes and seminars and …

If you want to say now that yes, you had a rich mom and dad who used to register for classes and classes, I have to tell you that I worked night shifts at Alborz Steel Company and registered all my salaries only for classes and did not take a thousand tomans from my family.

This post is also available in: فارسی