My first program in MQL, was an strategy tester

Today I wrote my first program in MQL. An indicator for Meta Trader which is the tester strategy! I had a strategy that cost me a lot to test (what is the cost? All the financial resources you pay and when you spend it) so I said the best thing to do is to write a plan and come and check into the market. What does it mean now?
If I had tested this strategy last year, I probably would not have continued after one or two other failures for a thousand different reasons. But with this indicator (I do not know, maybe the indicator was wrong and I should have written an expert, but the technical principles were not important to me and I wanted to see the results more) I go to the past of the market and say how this strategy worked in the last 1500 candles. Now 1500 candles in time frame for 1 minute or 1 month. Whatever I want. Or rather, the higher the profit margin for me. Now it has been proven to you how much using programming could help me? Now in a few seconds I will test the percentage of error and accuracy of the strategy (for each symbol and at each time frame and for each amount of profit).